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Affordable Steel Roofing Products

Thank you for your interest in Drew's Affordable Steel Roofing. We offer affordable roofing sales and installation services in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. To speak with a service representative please call 603-455-2014.

DECRA Steel Shingles

DECRA Steel Shingles manufactured by DECRA with a 50/50 year transferable material warranty.


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Exposed Fastener Imperial Rib Roofing Panels

Exposed Fastener Imperial Rib Roofing Panels manufactured by Custom Bent Metals with a 40 year material warranty.


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Standing Seam Roofing Panels

Affordable Steel Roofing offers a 4-10 year labor warranty on our true 20" standing seam roofing panels.


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Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles

Affordable Steel Roofing offers Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles by Ideal Roofing with 50/50 year full warranty.

wakefield bridge steel shingle

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